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The God Stone Trilogy


Taken from his home at just eight years old, Jack has spent his life in a foreign land away from friends, family and the girl he loves. Now after 17 years of praying to the gods to give him the strength to survive and find a way home, Jack believes his prayers have finally been answered.

But the gods aren’t finished with Jack just yet...

With the power of the God Stone Sword, Jack must battle his way through the gods tests and the darkness that shrouds the land. Can he fulfill his destiny and return home to his love? Or will the evil finally overwhelm the warrior?


ISBN: 978-1-41073-310-8

Separated from his family and friends Jack grows up alone in a foreign land.  All he has is his faith and the promise he made to the princess.


As a boy, Jack is separated from his family and friends.  He witnesses the murder of the King and royal court.  Now he is forced to grow up alone in a foreign land.  Raised by a simple tribe of plainsmen Jack must survive and find a way home.  All he has is his faith in the Gods and his promise.  He made a promise to his best friend, who is also the princess that he would not rest until she sat on the throne.  He uses this promise as the anchor stabilizing his life.

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ISBN: 978-1-46855-611-7

“Redemption” is the story of a young man, Jack, who must prove his faith to the Gods, prove his love to his soul mate and prove his loyalties to his supporters. Jack, who is forced to grow up far from home and family, becomes a warrior and a hero, selected by the Gods as the Chosen One of ancient prophesy.

The Chosen One is the completion of the story of Jack and Linda. The long struggle that they have had to survive to finally get the peace they have wanted all their lives. However, before they can reach that peace they must first deal with a vengeful young and powerful master sorcerror. This young sorcerror will do whatever it takes to get even for the death of his parents. If they can survive the personal attacks from the young sorcerror then they must still deal with his army. In addition Jack left behind a broken hearted woman who wants revenge herself. She will bend an entire nation to her will to revenge her broken heart. All of this while Jack is trying to learn the power of the God Stone Sword. Will he survive?

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