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The God Stone Trilogy



As a boy, Jack is separated from his family and friends.  He witnesses the murder of the King and royal court.  Now he is forced to grow up alone in a foreign land.  Raised by a simple tribe of plainsmen Jack must survive and find a way home.  All he has is his faith in the Gods and his promise.  He made a promise to his best friend, who is also the princess that he would not rest until she sat on the throne.  He uses this promise as the anchor stabilizing his life.


Follow the life of a young boy, Jack, as he survives the Crystal Desert and grows up on the Rumalian Plains.  He cannot forget his family and his promise.  He lives to make the Freedom Fighters pay for what they did.  Unaware that his every step is being watched by the Gods Jack lives his life as best as he can.  Mean while the Gods determine his destiny as the long ago promised Chosen One.  


Meanwhile his best friend, Princess Linda (Linnie to Jack) grows up in hiding at the northern estate of a Duke.  She forms a strong friendship with the daughter of the Duke and tells her everything about Jack.  Even though years pass Linda cannot forget about her friend Jack.  Only she believes he is still alive and secretly awaits his promised return.


At the palace Jack’s mother is forced to work for the very queen she hates the most; the conquering queen who exiled her son.  In her heart she knows that somehow her son is still alive.  She clings to this hope as she lives her life praying to the gods that she will see him again.


Ariel, the conquering queen, moves into the palace and begins to rule The Kingdom.  Like everyone else she does not know that Rumalia exists beyond the Crystal Desert.  She begins her rule not knowing that through out the Kingdom and Rumalia plots have already been set in place to bring about her down fall.

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